Report an Absent Child

The Rilya Wilson Act requires child care providers be held accountable for keeping track of and monitoring the health, safety and welfare of children who are under court-ordered protective supervision. A child who is under the protection of the Department of Children and Families (BG-1) may not be withdrawn from the provider without the prior written approval of the responsible agency. If a child under protective supervision is absent from the program on a day when he/she is supposed to be present, the person with whom the child resides must report the absence to the provider by the end of the business day. If the person with whom the child resides, whether the parent or caregiver, fails to timely report the absence, the absence is considered to be unexcused. The provider is required to report any unexcused absence or seven (7) consecutive excused absences of a child who is enrolled in the program and covered by this act to the caseworker assigned to the family by end of the business day following the unexcused absence or seventh excused absence.

Report Absent Child

Fax completed form to Community Coordinated Care for Children at 407-532-4537