Child Care Executive Partnership

The Child Care Executive Partnership (CCEP) is an innovative, public/private partnership program that was created by the Florida Legislature in 1996 to help employers meet the needs of a growing segment of their workforce-working parents. This exciting program leverages a relationship between businesses and families that want to work and succeed. When families, businesses, and the CCEP come to the table as partners, the entire community benefits.

Our Mission

Promoting public private partnerships to ensure that the children of Florida are provided safe, high quality, developmentally appropriate and enriching child care while parents work to remain self-sufficient.

Our Purpose

  • To encourage private employers to participate in the future of this state by providing employee child care benefits.
  • To encourage private employers to explore innovative ways to assist employees to obtain quality child care.
  • To expand the availability of child care options for working families by providing incentives for employers to contribute to meeting the needs of their employees’ families by matching public dollars available for child care.

The Child Care Executive Partnership (CCEP) program creates an opportunity for employers and employees to succeed as partners. Parents that have financial assistance through employer-supported child care gain increased purchasing power. The families that benefit most from employer-supported child care are low-income. Such employees include restaurant workers, early childhood caregivers, those that work in tourism – the list goes on and on.

In addition, your business may be eligible for a tax incentive. Child care assistance provided by an employer is a tax deductible “ordinary and necessary” business expense under the Internal Revenue Codes Section 162. The eligibility is made possible because providing child care services reduce absenteeism and turnover, aid in recruitment and retention, and increase employee productivity.

It makes smart business sense!

To find out more about becoming a CCEP Business Partner, contact: