Inclusion Services

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion supports the right that all children, regardless of their diverse abilities, can participate in a natural child care setting or learning environment. Inclusion Specialists help promote community awareness and support for equal access to early learning opportunities for all children, including those with disabilities and special health care needs.

What are the benefits of Inclusion?

  • Children with special needs have opportunities to learn skills by observing and imitating their peers.
  • Children learn empathy, compassion and cooperation.
  • All families have the opportunity to teach their children about individual differences and diversity
  • Communities become more accepting and supportive of all people.

Here’s how we help.

Our Inclusion Specialists provide assistance and consultation to child care centers and family child care homes regarding health, development, disability and special needs issues. Techniques and strategies are shared to help children obtain the maximum benefits of their early learning experience. Inclusion services connects parents and early learning providers to additional resources for children with special needs. Lastly, ongoing training on inclusion opportunities areĀ available for all Orange County child care and early learning educators.

Resource: Developmental Milestone Checklist

Parents and child care providers can contact our Inclusion Services Team.

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